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BizTalk Texas Podcast

These interviews were created for BizTalk Texas Podcast.  We enjoy the conversations we've had and would encourage anybody who runs their own business, or works for themselves to contact us about an interview.  You can contact us on our website BizTalk Texas and we'll call or email you back.  Thanks,  Bob Mideke


BizTalk Texas

Oct 24, 2017

Daniel Verdin is the founder and owner of Rise Building Co of Austin, Texas.  He talks about the building industry, CNC robotics technology in use for fabrication, and the skills he's learned since starting his business. We talk about Arduino's and Raspberry Pi's being used to create for the building of walls to furniture.

He started his business around 2013 after being laid off from the building industry and despite those who told him not to.

We talk about Apple iPhones and why people choose them over Android.  Daniel purchased the new Apple AirPods recently and highly recommended them.

The interview was interesting and I hope you enjoy the conversation.


Bob Mideke