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BizTalk Texas Podcast

These interviews were created for BizTalk Texas Podcast.  We enjoy the conversations we've had and would encourage anybody who runs their own business, or works for themselves to contact us about an interview.  You can contact us on our website BizTalk Texas and we'll call or email you back.  Thanks,  Bob Mideke


BizTalk Texas

Jun 21, 2017

Dr. J David Winningham traveled the world as a rocket scientist.  He has a PHD degree in physics and did research at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio who worked for NASA building satellites to travel to the planets.  He and his wife Betty, started Natives of Texas in 1994 where they grow plants that are native to Texas.  His wife passed away in 2003 after a 30 year battle with cancer and he decided to semi-retire and spend most of his time at the nursery.  The nursery open 7 days a week is located south of Kerrville at 4256 Medina Highway (Highway 16 South).  It has an abundance of plant life and his ranch has some spectacular views of the Texas Hill Country.  If your looking for a unique hill country place to visit and experience, I'd highly recommend you visit.

Bob Mideke


Natives Of Texas - Hill Country Native Plants